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Below are recent articles regarding the world of solar energy:

SolarCity’s Ties to Foreclosure Cases Raise Questions on Vetting Policies
The company, owned by Tesla, relies on monthly payments from solar panel customers. But foreclosures can halt those payments, and SolarCity relies on only one credit check to vet customers.

Jimmy Carter Makes a Stand for Solar, Decades After the Cardigan Sweater
Mr. Carter has leased part of his farmland in his hometown for solar panels that can power more than half of Plains, the Georgia town that shaped his image.

Jimmy Carter: From Peanuts to Solar Panels
Former President Jimmy Carter, 92, unveiled a solar energy project to help power his hometown. While President Trump has depicted himself as a champion of coal, Mr. Carter’s project aims to be a model for energy self-sufficiency and job growth.

Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost
A whirlwind three-month project is helping the luxury carmaker transform itself into a multifaceted clean energy company.

Elon Musk Has Trump’s Ear, and Wall Street Takes Note
The political tide might seem unfavorable for electric cars and solar panels, but the new president may see them as part of a job-producing future.

Trump May Not Like Alternative Energy, but Investors Should
With clean energy creating jobs in every state, the sector has become as much about getting returns on investments as it is about helping the environment.