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Below are recent articles regarding the world of solar energy:

High Tech and High Design, Cornell’s Roosevelt Island Campus Opens
The technology-focused graduate school, in a set of environmentally conscious buildings, is supposed to spur the development of the local tech sector.

Reader Idea | Off the Grid: Learning About Power System Infrastructure With The New York Times
This Reader Idea explains how a physics teacher used a Times article as the jumping-off point for a project in which students design their electrical system.

Dutch Utility Bets Its Future on an Unusual Strategy: Selling Less Power
Seeking to adapt to upheaval in the energy market, Eneco is preparing for a future in which utilities provide services rather than kilowatts.

What Happens to Solar Power in an Eclipse? We’ll Find Out Monday
Grid operators will scramble when solar panels go dark — a rare trial run for a future in which the nation will be more reliant on renewable energy.

Solar Developers and Panel Makers Clash Over Tariff Request
Troubled domestic manufacturers say cheap Chinese products have undercut their own, but industry groups are urging a trade panel to reject sanctions.

Trade Commission Will Hear Solar Tariff Case, and Nafta Talks Begin
American affiliates of solar equipment manufacturers try to counteract low import prices. Negotiations between the United States, Canada and Mexico are likely to be tense.