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Below are recent articles regarding the world of solar energy:

Tax Bill Largely Preserves Incentives for Wind and Solar Power
The final text of the legislation reverses language in earlier versions that could have slowed the growth of renewable energy.

BP, Once a Renewables Leader, Bets $200 Million on Solar
The energy giant is returning to a business it backed away from after the costly and reputation-tarnishing Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Renewable Energy Is Surging. The G.O.P. Tax Bill Could Curtail That.
The tax bills moving through Congress could hobble the United States’ renewable energy industry because of provisions that scale back incentives for wind and solar power.

Trump’s First Major Trade Fight With China Could Be Over Solar Panels
United States officials will soon decide whether to broaden tariffs on solar panels in a way that could spur Beijing to retaliate against American-made goods.

Australia Powers Up the World’s Biggest Battery — Courtesy of Elon Musk
South Australia had a blackout problem, and the Tesla founder had a solution: a battery the size of a football field.

Forget Trump and Discover the World
For instance, India can teach us the power of digitized data.